New Zealand (north island)

In my 25 years of life I have seen so many amazing things and have been to a bunch of different countries, but New Zealand absolutely blew everything out of the water. Nathan and I were traveling with United Pursuit to Australia, so decided to hop on over to NZ and do a little "3 year anniversary" trip. I mean... who wouldn't? These 10 days were the most incredible, relaxing,  and adventurous days EVER! We started off in Aukland, then drove up the east coast to a bunch of different beaches and the most gorgeous views you will ever see. DRIVING IS THE BEST WAY TO EXPERIENCE A COUNTRY! Seriously though... Nathan and I just rent a car and drive and drive and drive. 

The funny thing about this trip was that our airline lost MY bag for 6 days. Dang, that was rough. But thank God we had a sweet friend in Aukland who let me steel pretty much her entire wardrobe! And I am extra thankful that she has great style :) Even though I was super sad that I didn't have my stuff :( I got over it pretty quickly with looking at the gorgeous creation ALL around me. 

Nathan and I LOVED a little beach called, Piha. This was more of a "locals" spot where people just come to surf and watch the sun set. There is huge rock formation there that resembles a lion looking out onto the horizon. It's absolute craziness!

Here is the "lion rock"! Do you see it?

Here are some photos from our time in the North Island. I will be posting more later from the South a little later.