the "journey"

Well. We have been here in L.A. for about 5 days now, and it has been CRAZINESS. I'm guessing most of you know that this part of the U.S. is quite different than the good old South. Me and Nathan are SO not used to the culture here, the money, the glam, and the 13 hour work days. We have been working on this documentary and it's been going super well. We are learning a tremendous amount of information about interviewing, filming, and lots and lots of multitasking. Nathan and I have the privilege of working under professionals who have worked in film/marketing stuff for quite some time and totally know what they are doing. They are teaching us how to capture a person's story, and make it look GOOD. We have literally been working 13 hour days and feel like we are going to keel over when we get back to our hotel at night. haha Yes I know. WE WILL LIVE through this. Even though it is such hard work. We are going to be taking so much knowledge home about all this.

The first 5 interviews have gone super well. Meeting people here in L.A. who have had crazy lives and extraordinary stories is very interesting. Both Nathan and I just love learning about other peoples relationships, what they have done right/wrong but most of all.... how they love each other.

We are on this journey to find out what LOVE IS to all different types of people... married, single, hopeful, and cynical.

Yesterday we were able to interview an amazing couple from Orange County. To be perfectly honest it was hard driving through their neighborhood looking at all the MONEY that people have around here. This culture is so full of people who are abnormally driven. And work is life... life is work. But meeting this family, hearing their story, tore me right off my high horse. All the judgment went straight out the window, and now I just feel like an idiot! haha This couple seriously encouraged me to no end. They have been through an immense amount of pain throughout their marriage, but their love has never faded. They have truly found that Rare Love. The love that has been tested and tried and is still going strong. The way they looked at each other after 14 years... made me tear up. I'm not even kidding. The wife kept saying that the Lord had taught her how to love her husband, and that is the only reason their marriage has lasted. I was soaking up every word. I really don't know how to communicate the humility that was flowing from these 2 people. You would think someone who had gone through so much would look aged in a way. But these people have such a youthfulness about them. They had an unexplainable joy. And this joyful testimony they gave... made me cry like a baby. And that is no exaggeration. Ask Nathan.

All that to say. I want to be the marriage that listens. I want to be the wife that is constantly learning how to love her husband in a deeper way. I want to learn how to love sacrificially.

So... on we go with this journey.






and away we go.

In about 2 hours Nathan and I will be off to the wonderful California. Why you ask? Well we have the amazing opportunity to capture stories of love, marriage, family, and life in general. Getting footage from people in California of course, Seattle, and maybe some in Las Vegas. We are working with a ministry and they are going to be training us in the "documentary" world. We get to actually learn how to ask questions, and most importantly, how to capture someones most precious gift.... their testimony. So needless to say we are super pumped about traveling , taking photos, video, and just being together is good too. Sometimes we both get a bit restless if we just do normal life for too long. We need a bit of change sometimes and here it comes! So I will be updating every couple days with some photos for you guys to see whats goin on over there :)

love you all