Kona. How I love thee.

Hawaii. 10 days. 6 amazing friends. Yes, of course I had an AMAZING time.United Pursuit got invited to play at a University (YWAM) in Kona. We played in the mornings which gave us plenty of time to explore the island. We made so many memories... White, Black, and GREEN sand beaches. Watching Craig Alexander cross the finish line and break the world record at the IronMan. Eating snow cones, drinking bubble tea and or course delicious kona coffee. Running back to our car in the pouring rain after a huge storm caught us at the beach. Me and Nathan rented ONE scooter and it was hilarious trying to get both of us to fit on it. We also met so many GLORIOUS people. Johnny and Jenny, Steven, Bryce, Jim and Judy !!! WE DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE. Everyone there were super hospitable and so hungry for God to move. It was refreshing being in the midst of that hunger. I think we all needed that. Thank you YWAM Kona for blessing us so much. We really can't for the future stuff we get to do together :)

Here are some photos now...


the 3 mile walk to the green sand beach.


will and andrea ... awe.



i love all of them :)


brandon got TORN up by the waves. OUCH


we just had to do the "band photo"! ha





we went up 14,000 feet on Mt. Mauna Kea




my little drummer boy!~


the black sand beach.


our wonderful sound man... steven. we miss you already.