United Pursuit - UK - 2013

Last year was incredible! I got to go to a lot of amazing places, including the UK. We went in the fall and it was absolute beautiful weather. I always assume the UK is going to be rainy for some reason... but every time I go I am pleasantly surprised with the glorious weather. They played at a conference in West Sussex called "David's Tent"... AMAZING. That was their second year playing for it, and it always is such a blast. We have fallen in love with the Goring family who host us every year! Their extreme generosity and brilliant hospitality truly make us feel at home with them! We call them our british family :) They let us tour their new winery that makes the most delicious champaign and becoming very well known!!!!

We got to spend a day exploring London which is always a good time! I think one of my favorite spots to see is the Westminster Abbey. The architecture is incredible, every little bit of it is art. I mean... I guess that's all of Europe for ya. The simplest things are beautifully and perfectly made. I had to go home a bit early to shoot a wedding back home, the rest of them went on to Ireland! I'm a little bummed I had to miss out on that, but the wedding I captured was super special!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the tour! 

Europe in Black & White

Among many of my new years resolutions for 2014, I have decided to go back through my travels from the past 4 years and pick out my favorite photos. I have traveled quite a bit lately and of course take millions of photos, but then life gets crazy and those gorgeous memories get stuck in one (of my millions) of hard drives! NO GOOD. So this is me starting off fresh and being a better steward of the blessings in my life! 

These are some of my favorite travel photos I have ever taken.

Europe - 2009 traveled around with some friends and got some sweet shots with my trusty Canon AE-1. Pop some black&white film in there and BAM... 

I like these photos SO much more than my digital shots. 

england & israel

  Well, I am about one week into my travels over on this side of the world. Spent about 5 days in England with the most AMAZING family ever! We laughed so much… drank gallons of hot tea, and spoke in British accents J!!! I feel so blessed to have met these GORGEOUS people. They treated us with so much love and hospitality like I have never seen in my life. Those few days were so good for my soul. United Pursuit played at a festival in the hills of England. It seriously felt like we put a huge white tent in the middle of “Pride and Prejudice” … BEAUTIFUL! So anyways… it went super well and we had a ton of fun over there.

Now we are in the Holy City, Jerusalem! Looking out the window of our apartment we can see Mt. Zion right in front of us then the Mount of Olives on the right… no big deal! Haha. IM FREAKING OUT !

Walking the streets here is so surreal. It is really an experience just BEING here!

My husband and I have been taking TONS of photos… so here are some of my favorites! But we still have 2 weeks to go… so many more to come!


here is the house we got to stay at in England! Thank you Goring Family :)




i was NOT exaggerating when i said GALLONS of tea!



i got to meet up with my sister in England and did her preggo shoot !!! such a blast










me and my fave in front of big ben!




i will be posting more photos from Israel later :)