New Zealand (south island).

Today I write about my favorite place. Although I only spent 4 days there, the south island of New Zealand is still my favorite. 

If you don't feel like reading, just watch this video.

Nathan and I stayed in Queenstown then drove around the surrounding areas. It was super rainy and nasty the first day that we were there, so like anyone would, we drove to see some "Lord of the Rings" sites! (NEVER thought I would ever do that). 

On our third day we hiked the Routeburn Track. It's one of the most famous hikes in NZ that usually takes about two days, but a storm was on its way so we had to do it in one. Hiking 15.5 miles in one days means you pretty much have to jog the whole way, and STILL it took us about 12 hours to finish! But it was SO worth it, and definitely the highlight of the entire trip.

About 5 hours into our journey, after hiking UP the entire way we came across this turquoise lake WAY up in the mountains with a waterfall that was so huge you could hear it way before you saw it. As soon as we saw this place I named it "Brit's favorite spot in the world." I really don't like using the word EPIC, but it truly was just that.

If you look closely you can see Nathan on the left with his arms raised. This shows how GIGANTIC this place is. 

If you have a "places to go" list, this should be #1. If you don't have a "places to go" list... make one.