Greece "babymoon" on Film!

Greece! Everyone should go at least once in their lifetime. The entire time my husband and I were there we were plotting of how to go back! We did 4 days on the island of Crete, then we hopped on a ferry and ventured over to Santorini for another 4 days. This trip blew any other trip we have done out of the water... #1 because we were in GREECE, and #2 because I have a sweet baby girl growing inside of me. We spent so many evenings watching the glorious sunset over the water and dreaming about our daughter and who she is going to be! 

I am DEEPLY grateful for my amazing and adventurous husband who plans these trips for me. I don't have to do one thing, he researches like crazy and creates these trips that don't even make sense how amazing they are. He really should be a travel agent! 

I decided to only shoot film on this trip. I didn't even touch my digital camera! All of these images you see were shot on my Contax 645 with Fuji 400H! With all of the photos I shoot professionally, its SO good for me to use film as more of an "art" on the side! This helps me stay in love with photography! I recommend this to all Photographers who shoot as their career.

If anyone is interested in buying any of these, I will be selling them in my online store in the next week! Let me know which ones are your favorites in the comments to help me decide which ones to sell. 

p.s. I will go back in a heartbeat to shoot any weddings ;)

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