Greece "babymoon" on Film!

Greece! Everyone should go at least once in their lifetime. The entire time my husband and I were there we were plotting of how to go back! We did 4 days on the island of Crete, then we hopped on a ferry and ventured over to Santorini for another 4 days. This trip blew any other trip we have done out of the water... #1 because we were in GREECE, and #2 because I have a sweet baby girl growing inside of me. We spent so many evenings watching the glorious sunset over the water and dreaming about our daughter and who she is going to be! 

I am DEEPLY grateful for my amazing and adventurous husband who plans these trips for me. I don't have to do one thing, he researches like crazy and creates these trips that don't even make sense how amazing they are. He really should be a travel agent! 

I decided to only shoot film on this trip. I didn't even touch my digital camera! All of these images you see were shot on my Contax 645 with Fuji 400H! With all of the photos I shoot professionally, its SO good for me to use film as more of an "art" on the side! This helps me stay in love with photography! I recommend this to all Photographers who shoot as their career.

If anyone is interested in buying any of these, I will be selling them in my online store in the next week! Let me know which ones are your favorites in the comments to help me decide which ones to sell. 

p.s. I will go back in a heartbeat to shoot any weddings ;)

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United Pursuit - UK - 2013

Last year was incredible! I got to go to a lot of amazing places, including the UK. We went in the fall and it was absolute beautiful weather. I always assume the UK is going to be rainy for some reason... but every time I go I am pleasantly surprised with the glorious weather. They played at a conference in West Sussex called "David's Tent"... AMAZING. That was their second year playing for it, and it always is such a blast. We have fallen in love with the Goring family who host us every year! Their extreme generosity and brilliant hospitality truly make us feel at home with them! We call them our british family :) They let us tour their new winery that makes the most delicious champaign and becoming very well known!!!!

We got to spend a day exploring London which is always a good time! I think one of my favorite spots to see is the Westminster Abbey. The architecture is incredible, every little bit of it is art. I mean... I guess that's all of Europe for ya. The simplest things are beautifully and perfectly made. I had to go home a bit early to shoot a wedding back home, the rest of them went on to Ireland! I'm a little bummed I had to miss out on that, but the wedding I captured was super special!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the tour! 

New Zealand (south island).

Today I write about my favorite place. Although I only spent 4 days there, the south island of New Zealand is still my favorite. 

If you don't feel like reading, just watch this video.

Nathan and I stayed in Queenstown then drove around the surrounding areas. It was super rainy and nasty the first day that we were there, so like anyone would, we drove to see some "Lord of the Rings" sites! (NEVER thought I would ever do that). 

On our third day we hiked the Routeburn Track. It's one of the most famous hikes in NZ that usually takes about two days, but a storm was on its way so we had to do it in one. Hiking 15.5 miles in one days means you pretty much have to jog the whole way, and STILL it took us about 12 hours to finish! But it was SO worth it, and definitely the highlight of the entire trip.

About 5 hours into our journey, after hiking UP the entire way we came across this turquoise lake WAY up in the mountains with a waterfall that was so huge you could hear it way before you saw it. As soon as we saw this place I named it "Brit's favorite spot in the world." I really don't like using the word EPIC, but it truly was just that.

If you look closely you can see Nathan on the left with his arms raised. This shows how GIGANTIC this place is. 

If you have a "places to go" list, this should be #1. If you don't have a "places to go" list... make one.


New Zealand (north island)

In my 25 years of life I have seen so many amazing things and have been to a bunch of different countries, but New Zealand absolutely blew everything out of the water. Nathan and I were traveling with United Pursuit to Australia, so decided to hop on over to NZ and do a little "3 year anniversary" trip. I mean... who wouldn't? These 10 days were the most incredible, relaxing,  and adventurous days EVER! We started off in Aukland, then drove up the east coast to a bunch of different beaches and the most gorgeous views you will ever see. DRIVING IS THE BEST WAY TO EXPERIENCE A COUNTRY! Seriously though... Nathan and I just rent a car and drive and drive and drive. 

The funny thing about this trip was that our airline lost MY bag for 6 days. Dang, that was rough. But thank God we had a sweet friend in Aukland who let me steel pretty much her entire wardrobe! And I am extra thankful that she has great style :) Even though I was super sad that I didn't have my stuff :( I got over it pretty quickly with looking at the gorgeous creation ALL around me. 

Nathan and I LOVED a little beach called, Piha. This was more of a "locals" spot where people just come to surf and watch the sun set. There is huge rock formation there that resembles a lion looking out onto the horizon. It's absolute craziness!

Here is the "lion rock"! Do you see it?

Here are some photos from our time in the North Island. I will be posting more later from the South a little later. 

Bellagio, Italy.

My husband has many amazing qualities, but one of the top 3 is his ability to plan trips that are absolutely unforgettable. We both are quite in love with traveling so this fits very well into our marriage. 

Im PUMPED to say that he is planning another trip to Italy !! We are going in April and I am seriously counting down the minutes. This country has such a special place in my heart. The people, the culture, the colors, the flowers growing on the sides of houses, the FOOD! We went back in 2011 for our one year anniversary and it was one of the most romantic weeks of my life.

Bellagio is a little town perfectly placed on Lake Como. Gosh... this place just blew me away with its quaint beauty and cobble stone streets. The Alps behind us and the lake in front of us made our little bed&breakfast spot to die for. Our week there consisted of EATING EATING, then EATING some more. The food in Italy is the most incredible tasting stuff you will ever put in your mouth. It's not like our "american - italian" food, full of cheese and SALT. Real Italian food really does get better with every single bite. I may have gained 5 pounds on the trip but it was worth every scoop of that pistachio gelato :/

Here are some of my favorite shots of the trip. 

Europe in Black & White

Among many of my new years resolutions for 2014, I have decided to go back through my travels from the past 4 years and pick out my favorite photos. I have traveled quite a bit lately and of course take millions of photos, but then life gets crazy and those gorgeous memories get stuck in one (of my millions) of hard drives! NO GOOD. So this is me starting off fresh and being a better steward of the blessings in my life! 

These are some of my favorite travel photos I have ever taken.

Europe - 2009 traveled around with some friends and got some sweet shots with my trusty Canon AE-1. Pop some black&white film in there and BAM... 

I like these photos SO much more than my digital shots.