Leah Conley.

Ok. This shoot was MORE than special to me. Leah is my little sister, and THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BRIDE EVER! She got married this past weekend, and it was a truly magical time! It is the most wonderful feeling to watch your sister standing on the alter in front of a man that she is completely 100% in love with. There is no doubt in my mind that these 2 were born for eachother. Chris is an amazing man. I was BALLING my eyes out seeing the way he was looking at her as he was saying his vows for all his friends and family to hear. Love is such a spectacular thing. It energizes, softens, and reminds us of what life is all about. Their ceremony was super cool and "hippie". We all stood around them in a circle with no microphones, just the sounds of birds, wind, acorns falling from the trees. Leah actually got hit by one in the middle of her vows! haha It was priceless. Anyways. It was a gorgeous wedding full of peace, joy, and gorgeous flowers (thanks to my crazy talented mom)~! Leah is one of the most precious people you will ever meet in your entire life. She has such a special place in my heart, and it is so fun to know that I can trust the man she gave herself to!

Love you Chris&Leah Conley! You guys are lovely and VERY loved by me :)

Leah and Chris had an AMAZING photographer shoot their wedding (www.aghaphoto.com)....

but I just HAD to take some bridal portraits :) so here are some of my favorites!


Hilary's Bridal Portraits!

Wow. This blog is WAY overdue! I was DYING to post these right after the shoot, but of course we wanted her groom to be blown away surprised on the wedding day! And oh believe me.... he was! It was a beautiful wedding in May! Things got a bit busy with Wedding season in full gear. But I can wait no longer! Here are some fun bridal shots we got a few months before her wedding! She is stunning isn't she???