Bellagio, Italy.

My husband has many amazing qualities, but one of the top 3 is his ability to plan trips that are absolutely unforgettable. We both are quite in love with traveling so this fits very well into our marriage. 

Im PUMPED to say that he is planning another trip to Italy !! We are going in April and I am seriously counting down the minutes. This country has such a special place in my heart. The people, the culture, the colors, the flowers growing on the sides of houses, the FOOD! We went back in 2011 for our one year anniversary and it was one of the most romantic weeks of my life.

Bellagio is a little town perfectly placed on Lake Como. Gosh... this place just blew me away with its quaint beauty and cobble stone streets. The Alps behind us and the lake in front of us made our little bed&breakfast spot to die for. Our week there consisted of EATING EATING, then EATING some more. The food in Italy is the most incredible tasting stuff you will ever put in your mouth. It's not like our "american - italian" food, full of cheese and SALT. Real Italian food really does get better with every single bite. I may have gained 5 pounds on the trip but it was worth every scoop of that pistachio gelato :/

Here are some of my favorite shots of the trip.