A Special Photo Shoot!

Nathan and I just got back 2 days ago from a two week Christmas trip. It was quite the adventure. Both of us are sick as dogs and my throat is KILLING me dude. Anyways.... We went to visit my family in Virginia, then we drove up to my sister's in Pennsylvania for New Years. Since New York City was only a 3 hour drive, me and Nathan decided to do a day trip :) SO FUN. Nathan had never seen the city before so it was totally worth it all. The next day we made the 8 and a half hour drive back to our home in good old Knoxville, TN. We had no idea how ready we were to have our "norm" back. And it's just good for us to have some alone time again!!! It was SOOO refreshing to be with my family again though. I hadn't seen them in months, so it was VERY much needed. All that to say...

While I was in Virginia, I had the amazing opportunity to do a family shoot with some my family's closest friends. The Grizzards!  I have known these girls since they were born, so this was a very special thing for me. I have taken HUNDREDS of pictures of them, but this shoot was my favorite by far. The day after Christmas it snowed a whopping 15 INCHES,  so we used the snow to our benefit!


brit ~