michael ketterer

These past couple of weeks have been SO exciting for me. I have been able to photograph some of the most amazing people EVER. And not only did I get to capture them in their glowing beauty, but I got to support their visions and gifts. I am still working on some of the gigs from this past month, but I do have this shoot done from 3 weeks ago. This amazing man's name is Michael Ketterer and he is one of the guys in our Knoxville crew that Nathan and I truly look up to. Him, his wife Ivey, and his daughter Sophia are super dear to us and we are excited to have them in our lives for many a more years !!!!! Not only are they some of the most real, friendly, and hospitable families I know, but also CRAZY talented.

This shoot was actually for Michael's new album coming out this winter... We were going for the whole "bob dylan" theme, and i feel that we really did achieve that goal :) EVERYONE MUST BUY THIS AS SOON AS IT COMES OUT!!!!! seriously. His voice is like nothing you have ever heard in your life. Its super fun and has crazy beats - but with really good lyrics that actually make sense.... you don't really find that very often.

So... enough said. I can only let you all see a few since he will be using this for all his new gear. But i hope you like !!!

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