Steven & Suzanna Engagement

These two are WAY TOO photogenic. I literally was screaming the entire shoot because of the beauty! I just couldn't even handle it. I am SO happy that I get to shoot their wedding this month. It's going to be truly a blessing to my little heart. Funny story about this shoot. While we were doing the shots in the street, apparently... someone called the police and he pulled over and "took my info"! Yea. I definitely felt like a professional in that moment. NOT. So I guess people don't like when you risk your life for some photos... I totally don't get it! haha just kidding.

I am going to be a bit more careful from now on :) Doing a photo shoot with me is always an adventure! Thanks Steven and Suzanna for being troopers!

Here are some of favorites from the shoot! It was seriously hard to choose! I love these two people and they DEFINITELY love each other, these photos show that very clearly!