Christmas 2012.

Family is such a beautiful gift. Nathan and I got to spend Christmas with my family in Virginia this year. We had such an amazing time! I am mildly obsessed with my 2 year old niece and 5 month old nephew. They really do make my heart come alive in a super fun way. Of course they are not the only reason I had fun. haha Here are some fun photos from my time with all of my fav's. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year... I sure as heck did.

down: here is my youngest sister, Alyssa! Not only is she gorgeous... but hilarious and SO fun to be around. We had to road trip to VA in a mini van with no seats in the back. It was quite the 10 hour drive. But we made it and even made some super funny memories!


down : This little girl right here will make you happy in an instant. She is so full of life that she constantly is reminding me to live life to the FULLEST! And enjoy every second of it.

down : My niece is in the white, and my cousin is the other stunning little human right there. They were born within weeks of each other and are HILARIOUS to watch interact in their little 2 year old worlds.


down: Leah Leah leah! My sister, and what a lovely person she is. This photo makes me smile because this is how we all are with my nephew, Malachi. STUNNED. Amazed with how angelic one little boy can be.

down: My brother-in-law Sean Feucht. He is an amazing musician, speaker, and of course... dad. And everyone is jealous of his long locks. You can check out his music HERE.

down: This here is Kate. She is seriously MOTHER OF THE CENTURY! She is my hero in more ways than one. I love her more than words can say! And I miss her so badly.

down: My mom is the most loving "noni" in the entire world :) love her