Jesse & Bailey.

This wedding was truly unlike anything I have EVER seen! When I say "DIY"... I mean it. The tables, benches, food, wine, and even the gigantic GORGEOUS chandelier was all made by hand! These lovely people put so much work and love into this wedding, it was a site to be seen! All of the flowers were grown at Bailey's parent's house ! There was beauty ALL around. I felt so privileged to shoot this wedding! Bailey is my husbands cousin, and she has GREAT style! So to find out that she wanted ME to capture her special day was a true compliment :) Seriously Bailey... Thank you!

There really isn't much I can say... I must just show you!


so many AMAZING flowers~!


special tea time with parents before the wedding! so sweet.


yes. they even made an outdoor sink for the bathrooms! how adorable is that?


wooden utensils and a cigar bar.... what more can i say?




rain or shine, people still are married at the end of the day!


these cupcakes win every dessert competition in the world