Pemba, Mozambique.

Yes. My life was changed on this trip. Being in Mozambique will do a lot to a person's heart. My husband and I went over there for 3 weeks to help shoot video for a Ministry called "Iris Ministries". They serve the poor and feed the hungry. They have multiple orphanages housing thousands of children who have no other place to go. All of the photos of these children are little ones who have been saved by the people of Iris. They have given their lives to these gorgeous people! I wish I could have just sat and played with these babies the entire time, but we had a super intense job to do, try and capture everything that goes on in this huge ministry. There are so many different ways these people serve the Mozambicans, so it was a bit difficult. But we had a blast doing it. I also wish I could have taken more photos, but video was the whole reason we were there, so I walked around and took photos at any pocket of free time I got!  

I hope these photos show you a bit of how beautiful the people of Mozambique are! These children have so much joy and yet have so little. We have a TON to learn over here in the westernized world.

If you want to see what Iris Ministries does, go and check out their website!